Training Programs

IVES Training Group offers training programs for both operators and trainer certification for mobile equipment such as forklifts, aerial lifts, loaders and excavators. Train the Trainer Programs are available at our site at yours. Operator certification and recertification programs are always conducted at your facility, using your equipment.

Train the Trainer Certification Programs

IVES Forklift Training ProgramsThe IVES Training System™ will help you to ensure that your company’s mobile equipment operator training programs meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards and government regulations in certifying/qualifying your operators of forklifts, aerial lifts, loaders and excavators.

We have a network of facilities from which to deliver our programs in an open enrollment format that will teach your trainee the IVES Training System™. Alternatively, we can come to you! IVES will deliver a custom on-site Train the Trainer certification program to teach your trainees all they need to know about your specific equipment and how to effectively train your operators.

Each Train the Trainer Certification Program is designed to provide your instructor with the knowledge, training and experience to train operators and evaluate their competence. These training programs provide trainers with equipment-specific hands on experience, and the ongoing support they need to certify your in-house mobile equipment operators.

Trainees will return to your company with the knowledge, skills, tools and support they need to effectively communicate the required classroom theory concepts, conduct hands-on equipment specific safety training as well as testing and evaluation to certify your forklift, aerial lift, loader and excavator operators. Trainers will also receive a framed certificate and trainer wallet card with their picture on it. Once certified, trainers have access to a multifaceted resource network that includes free administrative and technical support via Internet, e-mail and telephone, as well as an exclusive discount pricing structure on operator training and recertification materials.

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Operator Training Programs

IVES delivers operator training programs for forklift certification and aerial lift, loader and excavator qualification. Operator training programs are conducted at your site using your facilities and equipment. We also offer Forklift Operator Training Programs at our Abbotsford, BC location. Trainees are given classroom and field training and testing that is tailored to the conditions and applications found on site. These operator training programs are a comprehensive and cost-effective method of ensuring your operators receive training that not only meets, but exceeds, federal and regional regulations and standards.

IVES Forklift Operator Recertification program addresses the regulatory requirement, as well as the requirements of your company policies of having your previously certified forklift operators recertified for a further term. These refresher operator training programs are a review of previously demonstrated knowledge and skill of your operators and is a condensed version of our Operator Certification Program. We also offer Operator Re-qualification programs for other types of equipment which have no mandated recertification date, such as aerial boomlift,  scissor lift, front-end loader, loader backhoe, skid steer loader, and excavator.

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IVES delivers Operator Training Programs for forklift certification and aerial lift, loader and excavator qualification.