Excavator Training

Excavator Training Mini/Compact UnitsIVES offers Excavator Training for both operator and trainer certification programs addressing mini and/or compact excavators to standard sized units in the 50,000 lb. GVW range. Attendees receive instruction and guidance in the use of the renowned IVES Training System™ which has been used by thousands of companies and individuals to train operators of forklifts, aerial lifts, loaders and now our latest offering, excavators. Our trainer programs aren’t make or model specific, we cover all types of excavators including John Deere, Case, CAT, Hitachi, Volvo, Liebherr, Kato, Kubota and Mitsubishi. With operator training on-site and trainer programs at our locations or yours, we have your safety training covered when it comes to excavator training.

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Excavator Trainer Certification Programs

Our Excavator Trainer Upgrade Program is exclusively for IVES Certified Trainers and addresses mini and compact excavators. Trainees are given extensive information on instructional techniques and equipment theory in a fun and interactive format that has them deliver classroom presentations and run practical hands-on training and evaluation sessions. Each element of our Train the Trainer program is evaluated and documented, only trainees who are able to successfully demonstrate the required knowledge and skill are qualified as IVES Certified Trainers. These programs are available at select training facilities, including Sacramento, California and Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Our excavator training program is available in an Open Enrollment format exclusively as a 1-Day Trainer Upgrade Program; click the link below to view a detailed program description.

Excavator Operator Training

IVES can deliver excavator operator training as a Custom On-Site Program at your location, using your equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive, industry leading classroom theory training and hands-on practical training on the equipment that the operator is assigned to use. This training is followed by an evaluation of each operator’s knowledge of the equipment and their ability to demonstrate its safe operation. All the vital statistics related to the program, such as the name of the operator and the trainer, the date and location of the training/evaluation, the type of equipment used and of course the operator’s knowledge and skill are clearly documented and submitted to the booking entity. Successfully qualified operators receive a photo operator’s wallet card as well as a Certificate of Completion.