Excavator Trainer Upgrade

Mini/Compact Excavator  TrainingThe Excavator Trainer Upgrade Program is exclusively for IVES Certified Trainers who wish to acquire the technical knowledge needed to train operators on mini/compact excavators. This program addresses light to medium duty units in the 2,500 – 50,000 lb GVW range. This program isn’t make or model specific, our training covers concepts common to all types of excavators including John Deere, Case, CAT, Hitachi, Liebherr, Kato, Kubota, and Mitsubishi.

It is well known that forklift training has been and will continue to be a focus for regulatory authorities such as OSHA, but did you also know that the forklift training requirements laid out by OSHA also provide an excellent template for training on excavators?

“One of the best classes I’ve been to. Not only do I now have the credentials to train, I also have the confidence to train, which is not something I can say about all of my trainer certifications.” David, Safety Director, ARCO

This Trainer Upgrade Program will add mini/compact excavator credentials to an IVES Certified Trainer’s credentials. All program attendees will gain technical knowledge of this equipment through classroom study and hands-on exercises. Register in an IVES Excavator Trainer Upgrade program today and find out how you can achieve the highest level of regulatory compliance in all of your in-house equipment safety training.

To register, view our program calendar here or call 1-800-643-1144. View program brochure here.

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Excavator-Trainer-Upgrade-Program-Brochure-CoverProgram Details:

Program Duration: 1 day (8:00AM – 5:00PM)

Equipment: Light to medium duty excavators (2,500 – 50,000 lb GVW)

Program Structure:

  • 50% Classroom Theory Training
  • 50% Practical Hands-on Training

Program Capacity: Maximum of 6

Program Outline:

  • Excavator Reference Manual review
  • Main parts and their function
  • Factors affecting stability and capacity
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Pre-use inspections
  • Practical training exercises and evaluations
  • Parking and shut down

Important Details:

  • Trainees must be IVES Certified Trainers prior to attending.
  • Trainees must have functional English language reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • Trainees will be sent an Excavator Reference Manual prior to the program for review and completion. Each trainee must bring their completed manual with them to the program.
  • Trainees must have experience using the equipment.
  • Operator credentials are not issued during this program.

Program Fees:

  • Price $545.00 per person
  • Prices are subject to change without notice

Competent Person – Excavation

IVES strongly recommends that persons attending the Excavator Trainer Certification program or Excavator Trainer Upgrade program should also attend a Competent Person – Excavation course.

If you are going to use an excavator or any other means to dig holes and or trenches into the earth, otherwise known as excavating, your local federal, state or provincial regulatory agency is likely to have many rules that you must follow, especially if people must enter the excavation. One of the most important rules to take note of is the requirement for excavations to be designed and regularly inspected by a competent person with very specific qualifications and, in some cases, professional standing.

For more detailed information, refer to the excavations and or trench-related sections of the occupational safety and health regulations applicable in your area. Keep in mind that Competent Person training in excavations is available through some of our partners and host sites such as, Safety Center Incorporated and United Rentals Inc.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:

More than 30 days prior to the program: You may reschedule once free of charge. Any subsequent reschedule is subject to a 10% admin fee. Cancellation is subject to a 25% admin fee.

30 days to 15 days prior to the program: Any reschedule is subject to a 25% admin fee. Cancellation is subject to a 25% admin fee.

Less than 14 days prior to the program: Not eligible for refund. Not eligible for reschedule.

Day of program: A no-show is not eligible for a refund.

IVES reserves the right to reschedule or cancel this training program for reasons including, but not limited to, low enrollment and logistical difficulties. A full refund of fees shall be made should circumstances require a course cancellation.