Safety Training Videos

Our safety training videos are available in DVD format for a variety of equipment including forklifts, aerial lifts, loaders and excavators. Each DVD is professionally produced and are of the highest quality and technical accuracy. All videos excel at conveying sound principles of safe operation to operators in a positive manner without relying on gory footage or negative methods. ¿Hablas español? Select videos are also available in Spanish.

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Introductory Series Videos

Intro to Rough Terrain TelehandleresOur new introductory series videos is designed to provide operator trainees with basic information on the parts and workings of the equipment they use. We think you will appreciate the no frills approach of these videos as they feature an experienced trainer taking the viewer through a detailed inspection of the machine while explaining the main parts, safety features and operational controls. No special effects, no actors, no nonsense just solid, real world information that every operator can use. Available in English or Spanish! Available for:

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Regular Price: $103.95 each

IVES Member Price: $89.95 each

Point of View (Counterbalanced Forklift)

See things from the operator’s position in this slick, fast paced video that gives the viewer a glimpse of the world from the perspective of a working counterbalanced forklift operator. Point of View (POV) addresses some of the most common hazards encountered by forklift operators within a typical warehouse environment. An interesting mix of innovative footage, computer animation and expert narrative makes POV a valuable contribution to any counterbalanced forklift operator training program. Available in English or Spanish. Approximate length: 18 minutes.

Regular Price: $225.00 each

IVES Member Price: $195.00 each

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What’s Wrong With This?

What's Wrong With This Safety Training VideosWhat’s Wrong With This? is the perfect video for forklift operator recertification and/or refresher training programs! See if your trainees can pick out the safety infractions – it’s both educational and fun! Approximate length: 12 minutes.

Regular Price: $57.95 each

IVES Member Price: $49.95 each

Forklift Stability Essentials

Forklift Stability Essentials Safety Training VideosForklift Stability Essentials is a great addition to any forklift operator training program. Every year people are injured and killed in incidents involving forklifts. Forklift stability is a major factor in many accidents. Collisions, rollovers and damaged goods are just some of the results of forklift operators not understanding forklift stability. Approximate length: 18 minutes.

Regular Price: $455.00 each

IVES Member Price: $395.00 each

Danger Zone

Danger Zone DVDExploring the hazards of working around forklifts in a busy warehouse setting, Danger Zone is a technically accurate and enlightening video for operators and pedestrians alike. Some of the most common and dangerous scenarios are played out in a way that the viewer shares the experience of day-to-day forklift operations in a warehouse environment. From the dangers of unauthorized operators to objects falling from racking, Danger Zone is bang-on in its depiction of hazards posed by working forklifts. Approximate length: 12 minutes.

Regular Price: $200.00 each

IVES Member Price: $175.00 each

Forklifts – Reducing Product Damage

Forklifts - Reducing Product Damage DVD - Safety Training VideosThis video covers the common ways forklift operators cause product damage in a warehouse environment, and recommended practices for avoiding this damage. It is meant to be used as an introductory or refresher course for forklift operators. It is based on research of the most common types of forklift product damage and on industry best practices. Approximate length: 15 minutes.

Topics covered in this video:

  • The negative impacts of damaged product
  • The importance of inspection of delivered product
  • The importance of knowing the position of the vehicle and the load
  • Ways a load can be unstable
  • Storage and rack placement considerations
  • How distraction and lack of focus can lead to accidents

Regular Price: $200.00 each

IVES Member Price: $175.00 each

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Safety Training VideosLessons Learned follows a well executed accident investigation following a true-life fatal collision between a forklift and a pedestrian at an industrial mill site. This video has no actors or re-enactment – the tragic event that led to the investigation and all of the people shown are real. See what they learned from the loss of their co-worker and find out the ultimate message that Lessons Learned sends – safety is not about rules and regulations, it’s about life and limb. Available in English or Spanish. Approximate length: 12 minutes.

Regular Price: $34.95 each

IVES Member Price: $29.95 each

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Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks

Narrow Aisle Lift Truck Safety Training VideoThe Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks DVD features both reach trucks and order pickers (ITA Class 2 Forklifts). This instructional video is a must have for all trainers of narrow aisle forklift operators. Approximate length: 30 minutes.

Regular Price: $200.00 each

IVES Member Price: $175.00 each

Pallet Truck – Low Lift

Powered Pallet Truck Safety Training VideoElectric pallet trucks are explained in detail including proper use of this equipment in everyday applications. This is a must have video for all trainers of powered pallet trucks (ITA Class 3). Approximate length: 15 minutes.

Regular Price: $200.00 each

IVES Member Price: $175.00 each