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CASTLE Multifunction Model


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The CASTLE Multifunction Model is an extremely popular and useful training aid that has assisted hundreds of trainers in demonstrating the concepts of capacity, stability, and leverage. The name CASTLE is derived by combining the first two letters of the words, Capacity, Stability, and Leverage, which are the three concepts the model is designed to address, making it a multifunction model. We realize it’s a bit of a mouthful so we just call it the CASTLE Model for short. Regardless of what type of equipment is involved, the visual elements the CASTLE model adds to any equipment operator training program will increase the level of understanding of the trainees and help them become better operators.

As you move the carriage up, the Center of Gravity and lines of stability move with it illustrating the stability pyramid. Attach the Balance Beam™ to the forks and use the Load Discs™ to demonstrate the concepts of leverage, load center and how they relate to capacity and stability.

Super easy to use! Designed with ease of use in mind and constructed with sturdy metal parts, the CASTLE model is simple to assemble and use and tough enough to withstand constant use and rough handling while remaining functional and in one piece.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Length: 11″
  • Width: 5″ with fork attachment / 16″ with Balance Beam™
  • Height: 16″

Watch our assembly and tutorial video:

The Castle Multifunction Model is also available as part of our Forklift Trainer Power Packs™ along with other great training aids and operator training materials.

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