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Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer Power Pack


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The Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer Power Pack is the ultimate tool to complement your counterbalanced forklift operator training. If you are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your classroom presentations as well as add an element of color and visual enhancement to your overall presentation, look no further! These valuable training aids have been assembled into a handsome sturdy carrying case for the trainer on the go. Fit all your training material, including your Trainer’s Manual, pens, markers and papers into this ideal case and you are on your way.

This Power Pack includes the following items:

(8) Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Compliance Packages

Each Compliance Package contains an equipment-specific operator reference manual, theory test, evaluation form, certificate of completion and folder with data sheet and operator wallet card – enough material to train and document that process for one operator. Click here to view all Operator Compliance Packages!

(1) Counterbalanced Forklift Digital Training Aid

A tried and true method for adding a visual interest to your training, Digital Training Aids will help to get your point across with clarity and are designed specifically to complement our Operator Reference Manuals. This presentation contains 197 slides and is a stunning slide show collection of the most accurate and colorful imagery on the market today. Available in downloadable and internet versions. Click here to view all Digital Training Aids!

(1) Introduction to Counterbalanced Forklifts Digital Streaming Video

**Enjoy unlimited viewing for one full year with an option to renew at discounted rates!

Our introductory series is designed to provide operator trainees with basic information on the parts and workings of the equipment they use. We think you will appreciate the no frills approach of these videos as they feature an experienced trainer taking the viewer through a detailed inspection of the machine while explaining the main parts, safety features and operational controls. View our Intro to Counterbalanced Forklifts Video! 

(1) Point of View Counterbalanced Forklift Digital Streaming Video

**Enjoy unlimited viewing for one full year with an option to renew at discounted rates!

See things from the operator’s position in this slick, fast paced video that gives the viewer a glimpse of the world from the seat of a working counterbalanced forklift. POV exposes some of the most common hazards encountered by forklift operators within a typical warehouse environment. View our Point of View Video!  

(1) Lessons Learned Digital Streaming Video

**Enjoy unlimited viewing for one full year with an option to renew at discounted rates!

Lessons Learned follows a well executed accident investigation following a true-life fatal collision between a forklift and a pedestrian at an industrial mill site. This video has no actors or re-enactment – the tragic event that led to the investigation and all of the people shown are real. View our Lessons Learned Video! 

(1) CASTLE Multifunction Model*

Shorten your operator trainees’ path to understanding with the new CASTLE Multifunction Model. The official name is the Capacity, Stability and Leverage Multifunction Model, but that’s a bit of a mouthful so we’re calling it the CASTLE Model for short. View our CASTLE Model!

(1) Counterbalanced Forklift Die Cast Training Model*

Each equipment model is made using heavy die cast with working components, realistic exterior and interior detailing. These training aids are a terrific visual for every trainer to use in their operator programs. View the CAT P5000 CB Forklift Propane Model or Toyota 8LT-25 CB Forklift Gas Model.

(1) Counterbalanced Forklift Safety Poster

These high-impact safety posters cleverly deliver a simple but powerful message “One of these can kill you instantly, and the other is a machine gun – BE AWARE – BE SAFE”. View our Counterbalanced Forklift Safety Poster!

(1) Trainer Briefcase

Sturdy and hard-shelled, these carrying cases have plenty of room for all of your training materials and training aids. These carrying cases have multiple compartments to help keep you organized. View our Trainer Briefcase!

*Please note that there is no warranty on models and all sales are final.

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