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Fork Inspection Kit


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Stay on top of your fork maintenance with the easy to use Fork Inspection Kits. Even the best operators cannot assess the condition of the forks beyond obvious wear and damage detectable to the naked eye. This useful kit provides you with the ability to make quick and accurate measurements to compare with critical fork arm wear specifications and ensure that the forks on your machines are in the condition they need to be in to get the job done. Appropriate for standard and shaft/pin type forks.

Each kit includes the following items:

(1) Fork Wear Caliper

Made of sturdy metal and designed for forks up to 4 inches/ 100 millimeters thick, this item helps you make quick and accurate measurements.

(1) Fork Arm Wear Caliper Guide

A 21 page guide containing everything you need to know to inspect your forks.

(1) Fork Inspection Poster

This poster illustrates tips and guidelines for measuring fork wear. Approximate dimensions: 9 x 36 inches/ 23 x 91 cm.


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Here’s a tutorial video on how to use the Fork Inspection Kit: