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Intro to Aerial Boomlifts DVD


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The Introduction to Aerial Boomlifts DVD is designed to provide operator trainees with basic information on the parts and workings of aerial boomlifts. We think you will appreciate the no frills approach of this video as it features an experienced trainer taking the viewer through a detailed inspection of the machine while explaining the main parts, safety features and operational controls. No special effects, no actors, no nonsense just solid, real world information that every operator can use. Approximate length: 23 minutes.

Here’s a preview clip:

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What you need to know

The purpose of each video in this new introductory series is to provide basic, yet detailed equipment-related information to operators with little or no practical experience in order to orient them to the equipment addressed. It should be noted that due to the detailed nature of these videos, their respective running times may be longer than other videos available through IVES. With this in mind please be advised that in most cases the videos in this series may consume more time than may be available within the time span of a given operator training program.

In order to use these videos effectively, we advise trainers to follow one or more of the following recommendations:

  • Preview the entire video and identify which portions of it you want to show your trainees. This will likely vary depending on the level of experience your trainees have with the equipment involved and will allow you to go directly to the segments of the video you think will be of the greatest benefit. Each of the videos is separated into chapters that can be accessed directly from the Menu screen of the DVD to help make this easier.
  • Have the trainees preview the video prior to the start of the actual training program. This could be done up to several days beforehand and would provide a valuable information source for you to reference while delivering the actual training program.
  • Have trainees view the video in the period following practical training while they are waiting to do their practical evaluation. This provides you with an excellent method of filling this period which might otherwise be considered ‘down time’ with a purposeful, meaningful activity maximizing the efficient use of the available time.