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Lift Truck Log - Counterbalanced Electric


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The Lift Truck Log for the Electric Counterbalanced Forklift is perfect for documenting the inspection and maintenance history of your forklift. Each form records the date, time, operating hours, visual and operational inspection items as well as the identity of the operator. If the forklift does not pass inspection, the included lock-out tag-out tag can be used to mark the machine not safe for use.

The Lift Truck Log fits inside a 5″ x 8″ x 1″ weather resistant storage compartment with super adhesive backing for quick and easy mounting to your unit.

Each package includes:

  • (624) Daily Checklists
  • (24) Repair Request Forms
  • (4) Accident Report Forms
  • (4) Near Miss Report Forms
  • (1) Lock-out Tag-out Tag
  • (1) Routine Maintenance Tracking History – 36 Events
  • (1) Poly Plastic Case
  • (1) Pen

Also available, Lift Truck Logs for Counterbalanced Propane, Narrow Aisle Forklift and Powered Pallet Truck.

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