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Skid-Steer Loader Theory Training Package


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Each Skid-Steer Loader Theory Training Package contains an equipment-specific operator reference manual and written theory test designed for use in delivering the theory (classroom) portion of a mobile equipment operator training program only. Materials needed for the practical (hands-on) evaluation of operators, as well as documentation of their operational competence and / or qualifications, is not included in this package. 

Each package includes:

(1) Skid-Steer Loader Operator Reference Manual (ORM)

The ORM is the main source for the theory information to be conveyed to each trainee. They are self-paced with equipment-specific technical information and Chapter Reviews designed in a “learn as you go” format that confirms understanding and enhances trainee retention.

(1) Skid-Steer Loader Operator Final Written Theory Test

A written / orally-administered test consisting of multiple-choice questions intended to test the equipment-specific knowledge and understanding of the trainees.


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Did you know?

The documentation procedure is one of the most important steps for you to accomplish during your training program. Depending on where you are, regulations tell us that operators must be “qualified” or “adequate­ly trained.” Regardless of how the regulations are worded in your area, what it all means is that the employer must have some kind of written record that can prove training and evaluation took place. The records that you retain become the basis of proof that may be required in the event of inspection and/or investigation.

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