Training: Just What the Doctor Ordered

"Training: Just What the Doctor Ordered" details out how operator training can reduce injury, product damage and insurance costs.

If there were a magic potion or pill you could take that could significantly enhance the operational efficiency and financial performance of your business, would you take it?

Most of us probably would as long as we knew a bit about what we were taking and why. You would likely want to know things like, what is this pill called? Are there any harmful side effects? How many do I need to take and for how long? And most of all, how much will it cost? All good questions but before we answer them, let’s consider a few things.

This pill is going to reduce property, product and equipment damage. That means less bent racks, broken conveyers, smashed fixtures, rejected merchandise, tagged out equipment and general down time. It is also going to reduce personal injury incidents and claims, which means that insurance costs are going to go down as well.

The pill is going to contribute to enhancing the company’s regulatory compliance as well. That might keep a few bucks in your pocket that might have otherwise been paid out in assessments from regulatory authorities. Finally, let’s not forget about legal liability. In worst-case scenarios, the pill will limit your legal liability in the event of litigation.

The pill will increase the efficiency of everyone that takes it and will boost the production of that most valued “commodity,” profit. It will also increase the morale of the crew and may even impress your customers.

Now for the answers to the questions posed earlier. First, the question of cost. The cost of the pill is variable and should be considered as an investment in light of the potential increases you will see in the company’s profit margin.

Next, how much needs to be taken? Everybody needs to take it at least once, but it may not have the desirable effect on some people right away. Your supervisors will need to take it too. It will enable them to recognize the telltale signs to look for in others that will indicate who needs to take more. However, as time goes by everyone will need less and less.

Are there any harmful side effects? No, as long as the pills are taken regularly and consistently as needed.

Warning! The pill must be administered by qualified personnel and supported by ongoing supervision.

Finally, the name of the pill is generally known as “training.” Try some. It’s good for you, your colleagues, your business and your profits.

Rob Vetter
Director of Training
IVES Training Group

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