May 2015 IVES Update Newsletter

We’ll be covering: The new CASTLE Multifunction Model! Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Theory Test grading notice. Invitation to Safety 2015. A question on load center and capacity. What’s Wrong With This? Photo and answer. Interesting articles. Worker thrown from telehandler platform is seriously injured.

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter! In this May 2015 IVES Update Newsletter edition we’ll be covering the following:

  • The new CASTLE Multifunction Model is here and we think you’ll love it!
  • Trainer Alert: Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Theory Test grading notice.
  • Invitation and free Expo Pass to Safety 2015.
  • Ask Bob: Our resident tech-guru answers a question on load center and capacity.
  • Don’t miss out – last chance programs.
  • What’s Wrong With This? Photo and answer.
  • Interesting articles.
  • Incident report: Worker thrown from telehandler platform is seriously injured.
  • Upcoming events schedule.
  • Client testimonials.

But first, check out all the places we delivered training this month…

New! CASTLE™ Multifunction Model

Shorten your trainees’ path to understanding with the new CASTLE™ Multifunction Model!

We’ve developed this model to help you, the trainer, demonstrate the concepts of capacity, stability and leverage to your operators, no matter what types of equipment they use. This model is an excellent tool for trainers of forklift operators as well as aerial lifts and loaders.

As you move the carriage up and down the CG and lines of stability move with it illustrating the stability pyramid. Attach the Balance Beam™ to the forks and use the Load Discs™ to illustrate the concepts of leverage, load center and how they relate to capacity and stability. One model that does it all!

Watch the tutorial video here!

Regular Price: $229.95
IVES Member Price: $199.95

This item is ready to ship! Order online or call 1-800-643-1144.

Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Theory Test Grading Notice

There has been some confusion as to the passing grade for the Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Final Written Test so we want to set the record straight.

Please be advised that the passing grade of this test is 70% which is a minimum score of 14/20.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Invite to Safety 2015

We are excited to offer you a FREE Expo Pass ($95 value) to Safety 2015!

Join more than 4,500 safety professionals at the much anticipated ASSE Professional Development Conference. Experience best practices, emerging trends, develop new skills, build a powerful community of colleagues and revitalize your passion for the profession.

When: Sunday, June 7 – Wednesday, June 10

Where: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX

We’ll be at Booth 1114 – stop by and say Hi to our team. We’ll see you there!

Ask Bob

Q: A student asked me if the load capacity of a forklift would increase on a forklift rated at 5,000 lbs at a load center of 24″ if the load center was decreased? The example load center was at 12″.

A: No, the capacity of a forklift does not increase with a lesser load center distance. In theory, the ability of a lever to lift a load would increase as the load moves closer to the fulcrum but in reality, a forklift’s capacity is engineered with respect to not only load center but the strength of all of the individual parts in the lifting mechanism like the forks, carriage, lifting chains, hydraulics, bearings and on and on it goes. Attempting to lift loads that exceed the maximum rated capacity places additional loads on all of these parts which could cause them to become damaged or fail.

Last Chance Programs!

There are lots of programs to choose from, but seats available are limited!

US Programs

Tukwila, Washington
Express Forklift Trainer Jun 1-2

Sacramento, California
Express Forklift Trainer Jun 8-9
Trainer Recertification Jun 10

Richmond, Virginia
Premium Combo Trainer Jun 15-19

Bismarck, North Dakota
Loader Group Trainer Jun 22-26

Las Vegas, Nevada
Aerial Lifts Trainer Jun 23-25
Trainer Recertification Jun 26

Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California
Express Forklift Trainer Jul 13-14
Aerial Lifts Trainer Jul 15-17

Salt Lake City, Utah
Premium Combo Trainer Jul 27-31

Kapolei, Hawaii

Express Forklift Trainer Aug 3-4
Aerial Lifts Trainer Aug 5-7

Canadian Programs

Abbotsford, British Columbia
Premium Combo Trainer May 25-29
Premium Forklift Trainer Jun 1-4
Rough Terrain Forklift Upgrade Jun 5
Aerial Lifts Trainer Jun 10-12
Express Forklift Trainer Jun 18-19
Express Forklift Trainer Jul 13-14
Trainer Recertification Jul 15
Premium Combo Trainer Jul 27-31

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Premium Forklift Trainer Jun 22-25
Trainer Recertification Jun 26

Oshawa, Ontario
Premium Combo Trainer Jul 20-24

Prince George, British Columbia
Express Forklift Trainer Jul 27-28

Looking for more program dates? View our calendar!

What’s Wrong With This?

Do you know what’s wrong with this photo? Share your comments here!

Answers to WWWT

Last month we shared the photo to the right. We can’t say there is anything particularly ‘wrong’ with the photo, even though what the operator is doing doesn’t seem quite right.

We had some excellent comments and want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts!

The most common response was that the operator should secure the equipment from moving forward as well as the area below, and that working over a set of port-a-potties is maybe not the most ideal situation!

Interesting Articles

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  • Rental store found 75% at fault for worker’s injuries… more
  • Charges laid after fatal forklift accident in Mississauga… more
  • Keep lone workers safe… more
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Incident Report

A man was seriously injured in West Fargo, North Dakota, when a telehandler fitted with a work platform overturned.

The man, Chad Miller, 25, in the platform at the time with a load of roof shingles. According to the local police, the CAT TH360B was working on the three storey apartment block and was being moved, when it ran into soft, uneven ground and flipped over sideways.

The man was thrown from the platform – an open front and sided roof platform – onto another telehandler working alongside, with the platform and shingles clattering down on top of him. Miller, who is apparently employed by Lorz Construction which is carrying out the work, was rushed to hospital with serious arm and leg injuries.


Upcoming Events

We will be exhibiting and/or exhibiting at the following conferences in 2015:

Safety 2015 Professional Development Conference & Exhibition. Dallas, TX. Jun 7-10
NSC Congress & Exposition. Atlanta, GA. Sept 26-Oct 2

Make sure you stop by and have a chat with our trade show team!

Client Testimonials

“Great program, very comprehensive.” Sean, City of Oshawa.

“This was a great course; I did not see anything that could be improved.” Miguel, Roll Global.

“This was by far the best program that I have attended, keep up the great work.” Mark, PepsiCo North American Beverages.

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