May 2020 IVES Update eNewsletter

Check out our latest news: training programs suspension update, online operator training is here, ANSI A92 MEWP Standards in effect, new product: MEWP Occupant Knowledge Safety Card, Rough Terrain Forklift ORM revision, reminder of available online programs.

Training Programs Suspension Update

The current suspension period of all in-person training programs will end on June 1, 2020. Be sure to check the program calendar on our website for available dates and locations of open enrollment programs as operations at some of our locations may resume later than June 1. Arrangements for custom programs delivered at your location may be made immediately so please feel free to contact us at your convenience to enquire.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this difficult time and look forward to continuing as your partner in safety and health once again.   

Online Operator Training is Here!

In these trying times when physical distancing is a front and center safety and health issue, IVES is very happy to announce the arrival of our Integrated Operator Training Programs. These are online forklift, MEWP and skid-steer loader operator theory training and testing programs delivered online in a live, instructor-led format.

Companies with a current IVES Certified Trainer (CT) can take advantage of this exciting new offering by contacting us to purchase an Integrated Operator Training Program for up to 10 operator trainees.

During the ordering process, we arrange the date and other pertinent details of the program and send you an Integrated Compliance Package. On the date of the program, our trainer covers the classroom theory training and testing portion online with your trainees, then your IVES CT takes it from there and covers the hands-on practical training, evaluation and documentation portions of the program. The differences in purchasing Integrated Equipment Operator Training Programs over standard ones are:

  1. Classroom theory training and testing is delivered online.
  2. The contents of the Integrated Compliance Package are altered to include the following items in addition to the items found in a standard package:
    1. Planning document, Your Specific Conditions & Equipment for use by the IVES CT to list safety hazards unique to the site and/or equipment so that they can be addressed with the trainees.
    2. An equipment-specific Lesson Plan for use by the IVES CT which contains detailed, step by step instructions on conducting the practical hands-on training element of the Integrated program.

NOTE: Since the Operator Final Written Theory Test is completed online, none are included in the Integrated Compliance Package that is shipped to you before delivery of  the online theory training.

Remember that it’s important to allow some time for the Integrated Compliance Package to arrive when choosing the delivery date for your Integrated Operator Training Program as the equipment-specific ORMs must be distributed to each of the operator trainees for completion before the online training takes place. Your IVES CT also needs the practical evaluations and other documentation in the package prior to the training program.

To recap, Integrated Operator Training Programs are now available through IVES. These programs consist of classroom theory training and testing delivered online in a live streaming format with an IVES Master trainer and practical hands-on training and evaluation delivered by an on-site IVES Certified Trainer. Integrated Operator Training Programs may be ordered now by contacting IVES via telephone or emailing with your information.

We hope you find this new product useful in helping to cope with the limitations we all currently face relative to the COVID19 situation and onward into the future as a convenient and reliable option in staying safe and healthy in general.

It’s Go-Time: ANSI A92 MEWP Standards in Effect

It’s been a long time coming but June 1, 2020 marks the date that the much-anticipated revised versions of the ANSI A92.20, .22 and .24 suite of standards officially take effect in the US and Canada. It’s important to keep in mind that because these standards were originally released in December 2018, the usual one-year implementation period during which enforcement is delayed does not apply.

Remember that we have developed and made available a significant amount of helpful resources specifically designed to help you comply with these new MEWP standards. Visit our website and check out the MEWP Support Documents in the Downloadable Materials & Updates section of your Member Dashboard. Once there, you can select from 14 documents from the Safe Use Plan Development Guide to pre-use inspection checklists and everything in between. There’s also an orientation video for the Safe Use Plan Development Guide, which is the centerpiece that most of the other documents are drawn from.

From there, head over to the MEWP Support Resources section in your Dashboard and watch the MEWP Trainer Update Program designed to familiarize MEWP trainers with current credentials on all the new requirements of the new ANSI and CSA standards, particularly as they apply to operator training. It’s an hour long, it’s a must and like all of the new MEWP resources mentioned above – it’s free!

Also, remember that as we announced in the last Update, the MEWP Operations Supervisor Program is now available. This is a two-hour video delivered online in streaming format covering all the required information that supervisors involved with MEWPs need to know in accordance with the new ANSI A92.24 Training Requirements standard.

New Product: MEWP Occupant Safety Reference Card

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new product called the MEWP Occupant Safety Reference Card. It is a colorful and informative item containing easy to understand references to twelve operational safety procedures common to all MEWPs.

Operators can use this card as part of their procedure to find out if occupants have a basic understanding of how to work safely on a MEWP or if more training is needed.

Printed on waterproof, tear resistant polymer material, this 12 x 4-inch (30 x 10 cm) safety reference card can be stored ready to use in the weather resistant compartment of any MEWP.

Available in packets of 3, the new MEWP Occupant Safety Reference Card provides another way to help make safe MEWP operations a little easier.

Volume discounts are available, click here to learn more!

Revision Notice: Rough Terrain Forklifts

Those of you using our rough terrain operator training materials will notice a few minor but significant revisions in the English, Spanish and French language versions of the Operator Reference Manual (ORM) soon. The revisions occur on page 52 in regard to the description and graphics for the stability pyramid.

First, the title at the top of the page was changed from Stability Triangle and Pyramid to, Stability Pyramid. From there, the description of the stability pyramid of a telehandler now provides more details on the rectangular base area of the pyramid in addition to the triangular base on vertical mast units.

The graphic of the telehandler stability pyramid at the bottom of the page was also altered to reflect the changes in the text.

These changes do not affect the operator theory test or any other related training materials and there is no need to get rid of any previous versions of the ORM you may have. The revision date of the latest version is, rev. 20-133.

Reminder of Available Online Programs

Online training and update programs are now accessible to IVES clients and trainers online at

Trainer Recertification Program

If you are an IVES Certified Trainer and your credentials with us have expired, or will expire soon, we are pleased to offer a Certified Trainer Recertification Program delivered live and online! These programs are delivered in real time by an IVES Master Trainer and offer the convenience of online access while retaining the personal interactivity that is so vital to the learning process. Log on to the IVES website to check out our calendar of online program dates. Enroll in one today!

MEWP Operations Supervisor Training Program

One of the most significant developments within the new standards is the requirement for supervisors of MEWP operators to receive formal training in the topics listed below as per ANSI A92.24:

•    The proper selection of the correct MEWP for the work to be performed.
•    The rules, regulations and standards that apply to MEWPs, including the provisions for safe use, training and familiarization and for the work being performed.
•    Potential hazards associated with the use of MEWPs and the means to protect against identified hazards.
•    The proper location and storage of the MEWP manufacturer’s operation manuals.

At first glance, complying with the requirements above may seem simple but considering how deep one could drill down on any of them, particularly the first three, there’s a lot to know.

Attendees of this online program will receive all kinds of useful information intended to boost the knowledge and greatly enhance the ability of those charged with supervising MEWP operations to effectively plan, implement and monitor them.

The program duration is about two hours and is followed by a quiz. Successful completion of the quiz permits attendees to print a certificate as proof of program completion and access to a single viewing of each of our MEWP introduction videos.

MEWP Support Documents that will help in the development of safe use and rescue plans as well as the ongoing monitoring of safe MEWP operations are also made available from the Downloadable Materials & Updates section of the IVES website.

This program is available for companies that use the IVES Training System™. Program Fee: $70.00

MEWP Certified Trainer Update Program

This program is designed to update the knowledge of existing IVES Certified Trainers with aerial boomlift and/or scissor lift (now referred to as mobile elevating work platforms or MEWPs) operator training credentials. Program attendees will receive information concerning the requirements around MEWP design, inspection, safe use, operator training and more, all in accordance with new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 MEWP industry standards . The program duration is about one hour and is followed by a quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, attendees may print a certificate to retain as documentation of program completion. This program does not extend the expiry date of trainer credentials and is available free of charge to existing IVES Certified Trainers with current, non-expired MEWP trainer credentials.

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