October 2021 IVES Update e-Newsletter

Check out our latest news: 25 Year Milestone Achievement, New Rough Terrain Telehandler Operator Requalification Materials Now Available, product feature: Safety Training Videos, upcoming program calendar, 10 Ways to Kick Start Your Safety and Health Program, a question on how to handle an operator incidents, interesting articles, and testimonials from our wonderful customers

In this issue, we will be covering:
  • Feature Article: 25 Year Milestone Achievement.
  • New Rough Terrain Telehandler Operator Requalification Materials Now Available.
  • Product Feature: Safety Training Videos.
  • Upcoming Program Calendar.
  • 10 Ways to Kick Start Your Safety and Health Program.
  • Ask Bob: Our tech guru answers a question on how to handle an operator incident.
  • A selection of interesting articles.
  • New testimonials from our wonderful clients.
But first, check out all the places we are delivering training this month...

25 Year Milestone Achievement.

Back in 2016 we celebrated our 35th anniversary and featured a series of tribute articles titled “On the Shoulders of Giants”.
The articles acknowledged five seminal figures in IVES’ history with “honorable mentions” whose contributions to the company have been critical in its creation and ongoing success: Susan Ives, Wally Adams, Don Black, and the subject of this article – current GM, President/CEO and Head Director of Training Rob Vetter.
Each of the figures provided vital elements to the IVES’ recipe for success and it is on the shoulders of these giants that the company was built and still stands today.
This year not only marks the 40th anniversary of IVES, but it is also Rob Vetter’s 25th year with the company on October 16.
We would like to congratulate Rob for this major milestone achievement and thank him for his constant dedication to the company and its mission.
There is not enough room on this page to list all of Rob’s contributions to the company over his 25-year tenure.
However, it must be mentioned that he has worked tirelessly to ensure that IVES training materials continue to evolve and improve the level of communication required to efficiently and expertly enable IVES qualified mobile equipment trainers to train and certify competent operators.
In addition to upgrading our training materials, Rob has also written many of the featured articles in the IVES Update Newsletter.
No matter the endeavor, Rob always abides by what IVES truly stands for in all meanings of the word, and for those of you that don’t know: IVES stands for Integrity, Value, Expertise, and Support.
When asked what it is like to work with Rob, IVES' Operations Manager Ron Shankar replied “I have learned many valuable lessons from Rob, not only about business but also about how to live my best life.
Rob is very humble, and I must take this opportunity to mention that although Rob may seem to have a quiet demeanor, his brain is like a super-computer and business acumen seems to just come naturally to him.
Rob can process information effectively and quickly to make business decisions. If I had to choose one word to describe how Rob conducts himself in business, I would use the word ‘Integrity’.
Whether he is formulating the company’s business practices, or crafting the technical information referenced in IVES training materials, Rob will never compromise the integrity of this company.
This is something he puts first and foremost above all else in his business dealings."
Rob must be considered one of the seminal figures in IVES’ history whose contributions to the company have been (and continue to be) critical in its continuing success and therefore, he is no longer just an “honorable mention”.

New Rough Terrain Telehandler Operator Requalification Materials Now Available.

We are very happy to announce that new rough terrain telehandler operator requalification materials that match the current RTT initial operator training materials released last June are now available in English and Spanish language versions.
The new materials include the RTT Operator Study Guide laid out in the same, easy to use, no-writing-required format of the latest MEWP, skid-steer loader and powered pallet truck requalification materials and the Notepad, complete with a refreshed Operator Requalification Theory Test.
As usual, the answer key for the study guide is at the back of it and for the theory test it is within the Notepad.
We hope you like these new requalification materials and as always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Product Feature: Safety Training Videos

Our safety training videos are available for a variety of equipment including forklifts, mobile elevating work platforms and loaders.
Each video is professionally produced and are of the highest quality and technical accuracy. All videos excel at conveying sound principles of safe operation to operators in a positive manner without relying on gory footage or negative methods. 
¿Hablas español? Select videos are also available in Spanish.
Click to browse or purchase our Safety Training Videos.

10 Ways to Kick Start Your Safety and Health Program.

As part of its Safe + Sound campaign, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shared a variety of resources aimed at helping businesses put together safety and health programs.
According to OSHA’s page devoted to the topic, safety and health programs help businesses do the following:

  • Prevent workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Improve compliance with laws and regulations
  • Reduce costs, such as lowering workers’ compensation premiums
  • Increase worker engagement
  • Boost social responsibility
  • Increase productivity
The page includes sections on management leadership, worker participation, and ways to find and fix hazards. Resources provided include brochures, posters, webinars, manuals, and videos.
One such poster highlights 10 ways to get a safety and health program started. The steps are:

  • Establish safety and health as a core value: Tell workers that their safety is a major focus of the business. Make it clear that you will find and fix any hazards workers may face.
  • Lead by example: As a leader, practice safe behaviors and make safety part of your daily conversations with employees.
  • Implement a reporting system: Put together and communicate a simple way for workers to report injuries, illnesses, incidents such as near misses, hazards, or safety and health concerns without fear of retaliation. Include an option to report concerns anonymously.
  • Provide training: Train employees on how to identify and control hazards in the workplace. Also train them to report injuries, illnesses, and near misses.
  • Conduct inspections: Inspect the workplace and ask workers to identify any activity, equipment, or materials that concern them.
  • Collect hazard control ideas: Solicit ideas for improvements from workers and follow up on their suggestions.
  • Implement hazard controls: Give workers the task of choosing, implementing, and evaluating the solutions they suggest.
  • Address emergencies: Identify potential emergency situations and develop instructions on how to respond to each case. Meet to discuss the procedures and post them in a visible location in the workplace.
  • Seek input on workplace changes: Consult with workers to identify potential safety or health issues before making significant changes to the workplace, organization, equipment, or materials.
  • Make improvements to the program: Set a regular time to discuss safety and health issues to come up with ways to improve the program.
Source: EHS Daily Advisor

Ask Bob

Free technical support for all IVES Certified Trainers!
Hi Bob!
When an employee is involved in an incident while utilizing a piece of equipment, do they need to have an evaluation completed after they take a refresher class on that piece of equipment?


Thanks for checking in with us.
For any kind of forklift incident, yes, an evaluation must also be completed to show that the situation is corrected with the operator. 
This is spelled out in the forklift training regulations under Refresher Training. 
As for any other equipment, we would highly suggest that an evaluation be accompanied with your corrective action report/form.

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Client Testimonials

"I have received other company’s’ training, but did not get the level of excellence received in this class." Jaime, Recology.
"The IVES program was thoughtfully planned out and highly effective. I would recommend this program to anyone interested." Karlie, Taplow Ventures Ltd.

"This program would help any company develop a safe & productive forklift training program." Peter, Metropolitan Utilities District.

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