2-day-beginner-forklift-operator-training-bc-canadaOur 2-Day Beginner Forklift Operator Training Program is designed for beginners with little or no previous operating experience on engine-powered sit-down counterbalanced forklifts. This novice forklift operator training program is delivered at our facility in Abbotsford, BC on an open enrollment basis. If you already have experience on the equipment, check out our 1-Day Forklift Operator Training Program.

If you are located in the BC Lower Mainland including Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, or North Vancouver we can help with your counterbalanced forklift operator training at our facility.

Trainees receive in-depth instruction on applicable regulations, safe forklift operation as well as extensive hands-on exercises. Each trainees knowledge and skill level is evaluated and only those able to demonstrate a minimum level of operational competence receive documentation of successful program completion.

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Program Details

Program Duration: 2 days (8:00AM - 5:00PM)

Equipment Theory Addressed: Counterbalanced Forklift (ITA Classes 1, 4 & 5)

NOTE: Practical evaluations are conducted using ITA Class 4 engine-powered sit-down counterbalanced forklifts with standard operational and drive/directional controls.

Program Capacity: Maximum of 8

Program Location: This program is exclusively offered at our Abbotsford, BC training facility. We do not offer operator training for individuals at any other location.

Click here to download our 2-Day Beginner Forklift Operator Training Program brochure.

Program Outline

Phase 1 - Theory Training
The trainer guides trainees through a comprehensive and interactive review of the operator workbook covering:

  • Applicable regulations
  • Types of forklifts
  • Main parts of a forklift
  • Understanding forklift safety
  • Fuels and batteries

Phase 2 - Theory Evaluation
Trainees will complete a written test based on the concepts covered in the Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Reference Manual. This test consists of twenty (20) multiple choice questions. The test will be graded and returned to the trainees and then reviewed to ensure understanding. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass this phase of the program.

Phase 3 - Practical Training
During the hands-on portion of the program where trainees are shown the pre-use inspection, safe operating procedures, and parking/shut-down procedures and then given the opportunity to practice under the helpful eye of the program trainer.

Phase 4 - Practical Evaluation
Trainees are assessed as having reached a minimum skill level are individually evaluated using a counterbalanced forklift in a reasonably challenging course. Following this evaluation, trainees are debriefed and given the opportunity to address any issues they may have regarding any phase of the program. Each successful trainee's employer will receive official records and documents shortly after the end of the program.


  • Trainees must have functional English language reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • Trainees must be comfortable working with numbers.
  • Trainees will be sent a Counterbalanced Forklift Reference Manual prior to the program for review and completion. Each trainee must bring their completed manual with them to the program.

Important Information

  • Safety toed shoes and a high visibility vest are required while working with the equipment.
  • This is a graded program, trainees must achieve a passing grade in order to successfully complete it.
  • Unsuccessful trainees are not eligible for program fee refunds or reassessments at later programs.
  • All program documentation including operator certificates are issued relative to the specific equipment, task and site conditions encountered at the training location.
  • Due to the location and general nature of this training program, it cannot address specific issues related to the actual equipment, site conditions and tasks operators may encounter at your workplace. As such, additional training and evaluation specific to the aforementioned items will need to take place before operators can be designated as being qualified to use a forklift at their workplace.
  • Please be advised that the program trainer cannot accommodate trainees arriving late or those requiring early departure for any reason. Please ensure that you or the trainee you select is able to attend the full duration of the program, as failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful completion.

Program Fees

  • $495 per person.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

  • 30+ days prior: You may reschedule once free of charge. Any subsequent reschedule is subject to a 10% administrative fee. Cancellation is subject to a 25% administrative fee.
  • 15-30 days prior: Reschedules are subject to a 25% administrative fee. Cancellation is subject to a 25% administrative fee.
  • Less than 14 days prior: Not eligible for reschedule or refund.
  • Day of program: Not eligible for reschedule or refund.
  • IVES reserves the right to reschedule or cancel this training program for reasons including, but not limited to, low enrollment and logistical difficulties. A full refund of fees shall be made should circumstances require a course cancellation.