on-site-trainer-recertificationOur On-Site Trainer Recertification Program is a refresher program for trainers of forklift, mobile elevating work platforms, loader and excavator operators. We encourage all IVES Certified Trainers to attend this program once every three years.

Delivered at your facility, this program is not equipment specific and addresses a wide scope of issues that trainers encounter during their specific training programs. These topics range from disruptive trainees, communication barriers and faulty equipment to regulatory compliance issues, training aids and evaluation procedures. Discussions are conducted in an interactive style facilitated by our Staff Trainer directing the discussion toward practical solutions. Successful attendees will receive an updated certificate of completion and trainer wallet card.

Request a quote for on-site training or call 1-800-643-1144 for more information!

Program Details

Program Duration: 1 day

Program Structure:

  • 60% Open forum discussion
  • 40% Classroom instruction

Program Capacity: Dependent on the available facilities

Program Description: This program is not equipment-specific. IVES Certified Trainers on all types of equipment should attend this program once every three years to renew their trainer credentials. This program will not add additional equipment to a trainer's credential, but will extend their credentials for an additional three years.

Program Outline

  • Identifying the challenges and/or issues the attendees would like to have addressed
  • Review of applicable regulations and standards
  • Site and equipment-specific training review
  • Discussion on the concept of the "General Duty" clause
  • Discussion on the concept of "Due Diligence"
  • Lesson planning for your location & training
  • Instructional techniques review
  • Practical evaluation review
  • Operator recertification procedures
  • IVES training material update and "Digital Training Aids"
  • Final Written Theory test
  • Final questions and wrap up


  • This program is exclusively for IVES Certified Trainers.

Program Fees

Pricing is dependent on a number of factors as this On-Site Trainer Recertification Program is customized to suit your specific needs. Call 1-800-643-1144 for more information or a custom quote.

Alternatively, you can send your trainee to an Open Enrollment Trainer Certification Program which are offered at our various training locations. Visit our program calendar for a complete list of programs available at our locations.

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