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MEWP Familiarization Training Pack of 8


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Aerial Lifts Familiarization Training Pack of 8 are designed to upgrade the general training and knowledge of previously qualified aerial lift operators. Boomlift and scissor lift operators need to be aware of and understand how to deal with any significant differences between the type of equipment they received general training on and those they are assigned to operate. Current ANSI and CSA Standards require aerial lift operators to receive general as well as make/model-specific training on the unit(s) they are assigned to operate. This packet is generic and covers concepts common to all types of aerial lifts including boomlifts, scissor lifts and manually-propelled elevating work platforms of manufacturers such as JLG, Genie and Skyjack. Each Aerial Lift Familiarization Packet comes with enough materials to familiarize 8 operators. Please note that familiarization training does not replace operator training or qualification.

Aerial Lift Operator Familiarization Packets include everything needed to familiarize an operator with a specific type of aerial lift, including:

(1) Notice to Trainer

Details for the Trainer including information on what documents to download and where to find them.

(8) Familiarization Folders, including:

(8) Familiarization Checklists

A checklist to record that the operator has completed all of the necessary tasks involved in familiarization.

(8) Familiarization Record (FARE) Cards

A wallet-sized card that confirms that the operator had completed familiarization training.

(8) Familiarization Training Guides

A document designed to walk the operator through the familiarization process.

Additional free support documents are available for download on the Member Dashboard, including:

Familiarization Training Log

A log for the Trainer to record the operators they have familiarized.

Familiarization Sign-in Roster

A sign-in roster to record the attendees and program information.

Familiarization Lesson Plan

This downloadable lesson plan walks the IVES Certified Trainer through the familiarization process.

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