Here are some testimonials from our valued clients. We help companies big and small with their mobile equipment operator training all across North America. Since the company's inception in 1981, tens of thousands of trainers and hundreds of thousands of operators across North America have been trained using The IVES System™.

Our client list includes organizations from all types of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, construction, retail, etc. Some of our valued clients include PSAV Presentation Services, The Wonderful Company, US Department of Defense, E. & J. Gallo Wineries, University of Nevada, Correctional Services Canada, Kimberly Clark, Lockheed Martin, Searles Valley Minerals, Associated Supply Co, NAPA Genuine Parts, ThyssenKrupp, Thrifty Foods, Weyerhaeuser, US Marine Corps, Smuckers Fruit Processing, Alberta Newsprint Company, EV Logistics and many others!

Check out our client testimonials to read their reviews!

"Prior to beginning our relationship with IVES we had a disjointed equipment training program. For the forklifts we showed a video and had the employee drive the lift back and forth. Training on aerial lifts was similar or not at all – video and drive. There was no skid-steer training. We experienced multiple incidents related to equipment usage. Contractors were using our company owned equipment as well as equipment we rented for them. We did not verify that their personnel was knowledgeable. We had numerous incidents with equipment being damaged or personnel having to crawl down booms to escape from elevated platforms. We had vendors performing annual inspections on equipment, placing a certifying sticker and then finding so many safety related items on the lift that it had to be taken out of service.

We started slowly training a core group of instructors in the IVES system. This first created awareness within a larger group of company employees that resulted in establishing a relationship with a knowledgeable vendor that could conduct correct annual inspections. We established comprehensive classroom training with a knowledge verification method, next came a comprehensive system to verify the operators could perform. We are spread across three geographical areas and the verification effort is the same at all three areas. We upgraded our equipment inspection efforts and now have employees conducting regular documented inspections and vendors keeping our equipment in top condition. Ives has given us a consistent, comprehensive and verifiable training program for our equipment operators. Along with education comes awareness and that helps create safer operators, less incidents, less damage.

The journey has taken us two years and at times it was painful – it wasn't easy. We are at a better, safer place than we were at before IVES. We are starting to see our contractors also pick up the challenge and getting their trainers certified as IVES Trainers."

Greg, Safety Administrator, Great River Energy.

"IVES Training Group has been instrumental in helping Sockeye Enterprises reach a number of our safety and QAQC goals through the comprehensive, high quality training they provide for our employees.

We have used IVES to bring our employee operator certification levels up to 96% of our final goal of 100% certification of all of eligible field employees. We have also sent employees to train the trainer sessions so that we can offer our own courses in remote locations and in our small town from where most of our employees live in the off season.

The quality of instruction is high and our employees return to work with the skills, experience and understanding of the machines that allows them to work safely and efficiently.

Congratulations on 35 years in the industry, we will continue to rely on IVES as our company expands."

Georgia, Sockeye Enterprises Inc.

"Since I was initially put in train the trainer by my company (about 6 years ago) the value added to both my life and what I bring to the table at work is priceless. On February 19 I again was recertified as a trainer for another 3 years. For the most part I certify and re-certify mostly in house. The added value I mention is in the way of safety awareness. After one of my recertifications as a trainer (about three years ago) I came back to work and shared the Due Diligence Checklist with my management. This helped to propel us down a road of increased awareness of our attitude and approach to safety. Since then we pursued becoming Core compliant with work safe B.C. and we were successful. We have attained a high mark in that area and our in house safety committee has become more organized and effective. I personally have taken on a very serious approach to and focus on safety in the workplace. I believe my IVES Training was instrumental on both fronts. Thank you, Joe."

Joseph, Certified Trainer, Knight Signs.

"I have never been so impressed with a training company before. The time, effort and care that was put into training our employees does not go without notice. I have personally set up training for our staff to get forklift certified and loader trainer certification for myself and a colleague. IVES makes sure their trainers are knowledgeable and prepared to teach all types of learners. Our employees were impressed with the trainer and that says a lot to me. I myself was inspired by the trainer in my train the trainer course to become the best trainer I could be. He held the class's attention while making it fun and interesting. The best part is that he made the information stick. All the topics and information were explained in a way that I could never forget. I think one of the greatest gifts is confidence, and IVES gave me the confidence to know that our employees were going out into the field with the best possible knowledge to keep them safe and keep each other safe. I do not have to question the ability of my staff as operators. Thank you IVES for training us the right way and giving us the confidence we need!"

Ellie, Health & Safety Officer, Calaveras County.

"Five years ago my company was trying to get its arms around a forklift training program. After going to several less than fulfilling courses I discovered IVES and attended the 4-Day Premium Forklift Trainer Certification course. From that point forward everything changed at our facility in regards to how we trained operators. Not too long after that I was in the Aerial Lift Certification. Today our company has three trainers and every equipment training certification we offer revolves around what we learned from IVES. We even catch ourselves using ideas and lessons we learned from IVES in training programs that have nothing to do with mobile equipment. We are very pleased that we found IVES and are also pleased with the positive influence it has had on our operation. We are quick to encourage anyone looking for guidance to take a strong look at IVES Training. Thank you IVES for everything you do!"

Sam, Processing Foreman, Berberian Nut Company.

"We recently sent our Shipping and Receiving Manager to become recertified as an IVES Forklift Trainer. He has been using the IVES program since 1990 and it still holds up as a great program. It's easy to use, and provides everything you'll need to train your powered industrial truck operators.

As an HR Manager, the IVES training program makes logging and documenting training a breeze! We're grateful for IVES' support in being an OSHA approved facility. Thank you IVES!"

Lisa, Human Resources, Sierra Nevada Cheese Company.

"Working as a Safety Specialist with 14 school districts, the Ives programs give me comprehensive forklift and Aerial lift materials that meet and exceed the standards in California. Being a Workers Comp. and Liability carrier for the districts, I can rest assured that the employees that are trained using the reference manuals and practical training and testing will have a great understanding of the equipment. We have not had an accident or loss from any of the Districts that have received training in the last 5 years I have been with North Bay Schools."

Jeremy, Safety Specialist, North Bay Schools Insurance Authority.

"The IVES Training System has been a very valuable tool for myself as a new EHS Coordinator, and a tool that has facilitated a standardized training program for our associates. I came into my current position after a career in public safety and the fire service, so a small learning curve was anticipated. Shortly after beginning my new position, I discovered that training had been conducted by various persons through various resources. I also discovered what I would term as "blanket" training had been conducted in the past. By "blanket", I mean that associates were trained through counter balanced theory, but were operating other types of lifts without training or instruction for that specific type of lift. The IVES Training System has provided me the appropriate knowledge and resources to convey appropriate training, as well as proper records management for each specific training area. The system is simple but complete which makes facilitation of all areas easy for me, the new guy."

Tracy, EHS Coordinator, Warren Distribution.

"Since March of 2015 until April 1st of 2016, we have trained over 300 forklift operators using IVES-trained trainers. We developed a three day Forklift University to put all of our drivers through, with this new training. The 3 days allowed us to use the Ives materials (Spanish & English) and evaluate each driver's good and bad safety habits during a practical training day (day 2). I like to refer to the training as mini boot camp – where, like in the military, we attempt to get rid of old bad habits and instill knowledge and new safe behaviors, as well as promote a safe driving attitudes. The results have been incredible. The students have been so impressed with the materials and content, stating they have learned things they never knew as forklift operators. The Stability Triangle is a huge eye-opener, thanks to IVES. Our incidents are down and safety observations are up as is our Forklift Drivers' awareness. One driver stated "I have been a forklift operator for 15 years and didn't know what didn't know. I now feel like I am a safer and true Forklift Operator". Thank you IVES!"

Luz, Safety Training Manager, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds.

"Congratulations on turning 35! My testimony is nothing but praise! I was sent out on a Train the Trainer course in Abbotsford, British Columbia so that our company would have access to an in-house trainer as we live in a remote area of the world, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. We had compared costs and realized that having our own trainer for counterbalanced forklift operation would create substantial financial gains and being able to train at any time due to staff turnover was too great to ignore. I am also able to keep a closer eye on any safety issues that may arise as I interact and work within the association. We have become a safer and more compliant company with the help of IVES. I was a little nervous about the Train the Trainer program, but that was all put to rest the day the course started. Rob from IVES explained everything to us in class and what to expect and course material was easy to follow and Rob was excellent at training us to be trainers. The course was very rewarding to both myself and our company. I highly recommend IVES to anyone who asks how I became a trainer."

Derek, Home Centre Manager, Delmas Co-Operative Association.

"This spring at S & R Sawmills, we are going to surpass 100 certified forklift operators that have been trained and recertified in the last 10 years, using IVES materials and resources.

Our mobile equipment safety record is excellent and this is in part to the knowledge and skills of our operators, as well as the training/recertification process that is made much easier using Ives materials and resources.

Documentation is made easy with Operator Compliance packages and the Recertification notepads and now using my member login there are many downloads and training products available to make this job even more professional and streamlined.

Also, hats off for the Trainer Recertification Program that has a format that brings trainers together from many types of industries and walks in life. We all have learned from sharing experiences and training techniques as well as IVES personnel listening and offering solutions/ideas to any questions, problems or changes we have in our workplace while training/recertifing our mobile equipment operators and/or keeping up with regulation or training upgrades."

Scott, Certified Trainer, S & R Sawmills.

"IVES has helped our company with mobile equipment training that has become extremely valuable to us. We've saved money and time having our trainers train the rest of our crew. Our safety performance and compliance has improved greatly. Thank you."

Trang, Sims Recycling Solution.

"As an employer, it is our responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. A safety and health management system, and safety program, has helped us focus our efforts at improving our work environment. Our safety system and our on site training by IVES has helped prevent injuries and illnesses at our workplace. We all want to go home safely at the end of our day!"

Renee, Training Administrator & Executive Assistant, Catalyst Paper Port Alberni Division.

"The training we received was excellent. We were able to develop a much more in depth training program to ensure that our operators knew exactly what to do to keep themselves safe. IVES has a vast knowledge of what it takes to achieve excellence in safety and how to get there. I would highly recommend any of their classes to anyone who wants to gain knowledge on how to train their operators."

Stephan, Trainer CSO, Georgia Pacific Corp.

"I have been involved with mobile equipment for over 25 years and have taken several different courses during that time.

Back in 2005 I received a promotion to Health & Safety roll and took on the mobile equipment training.
I had the opportunity to go through train the trainer and found the class to be top notch in every aspect of the training I received.

Today we are not only using the IVES training system for or forklift operators, but also for our SPEWP Scissor lift operator training.

The training I received was top notch and it continues to be passed down every time we complete new operator training or re-certification for all of our current operators.

If your company is looking for the leading operator training company then you need not look any further than IVES…"

Shawn, Health & Safety Supervisor, Boxmaster Packaging.

"Success comes from preparation! The thorough training preparation of the IVES forklift "Train The Trainer" program has been the key to such success. Through such preparation, our organization has been able to achieve; Zero injuries, Zero damages, Zero liabilities and a 100% buy in by workers to "Safety First". The ultimate success story!"

Keith, Storekeeper, Placer County Water Agency.

"Since taking the "Train the Trainer" course I have certified well over 125 employees with this system. As well I have helped another trainer we have on another site also get his terminal location compliant with regulated training. Total to date we have passed the message of safety training out to well over 200 employees in our organization. This has really stepped up, not only our expectation of a safe work experience for our employees, but has also created some very good talks amongst ourselves in the forklift world of safety."

Troy, Director of Fleet Safety & Compliance, Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd.

"IVES has been an excellent addition to our safety program. Many of our partners who have received IVES equipment training have commented on the practical nature of the classes and how they apply to real world situations. This type of "buy-in" from our lead operators who have prior equipment experience has proven the validity and necessity of IVES equipment training in our company."

Charles, Tools & Equipment Manager, Moores Electrical & Mechanical Construction.

"Hi my name is Jay Joiner and I am the training coordinator for a brand new "world's largest" chemical process unit that started up last year. This unit has a 36k forklift that the operators are required to use to move 6k cylinders full of pyrophoric material off of trucks and around in the unit. This powered industrial truck is more than intimidating to look not to mention climb on and operate. I had a huge task of becoming trainer certified and return to our facility to train and refresh the training to our operators every three years. So I did what made sense, I turned to the professionals. IVES Training Group is very well known to be the leader in training for the safe and efficient operation of mobile equipment. Well, I made the right choice. My train the trainer course exceeded my expectations by allowing me to understand not only the stability and operation of the powered industrial truck, but also instructional techniques on how to train our operators. I returned to our plant being able to look at that 36k forklift in a different light and possessed the skills that have made me viewed by my peers as "a good trainer." I owe all of that to IVES Training Group for not just selling me a product, but providing me with a valuable experience!"

Jay, Training Coordinator, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.

"IVES has been my go to for all of my material handling needs. I have personally attended multiple classes and use Ives for my instructors training classes. Anyone can meet standards but Ives exceeds them. Getting the materials I need is a phone call or email away. Customer service has been excellent for over 10 years of business. Their knowledge and constant updates ensures my business moves forward and my students get the best training available. Instructor manuals and class folders are far more detailed than any other material handling books I have ever seen. If you want the best, IVES has it. Thank you IVES for helping my business grow and keeping my students safe."

Travis, Certified Trainer, Airborne Forklift & Safety Consultants.

"The training and tools that I received from IVES have taken our forklift and all terrain forklift training to the next level.

The train the trainer program really teaches you the in-depth specifics of the equipment but it also teaches you how to apply this knowledge while working and the best part about the program is it teaches you how to teach others how to work safer.

If your a large city or a small business this program will work for you."

David, Certified Trainer, City of Stockton.

"I requested to become a Certified Forklift Trainer in my 7th year while working with Continental Mills. It wasn't until I went through my training that I truly understood the significance behind forklift safety. To this day; I still promote forklift safety at all times when I walk through the plant. I have been promoted to HR Manager and Safety Coordinator for the new owners Newly Weds Foods for almost 4 years. I recently celebrated 25 years of service at this plant and of all of my accomplishments; my knowledge of forklifts and the greater importance of safety will be instilled in me for my lifetime. I don't hesitate to stop and coach any new driver or long term driver of the importance to not get complacent in their role when it comes to their safety or the safety of their co-workers. Forklift safety is important enough to me; that when I retire; I hope to have the opportunity to continue to teach and certify forklift safety in our community. Thank You IVES for the wonderful training program and opportunity to maintain my skills and knowledge through your training programs."

Rosa, Logistics & HR Supervisor, Newly Weds Foods.

"Your training through the years for me (since '08) has been outstanding! All trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and provided tons of incite for just about every application in the industry. During the trainer sessions, I had some difficult questions and scenarios that were unique due to hiring temporary labor union tradesmen on all of our job-sites. Your trainer training allowed me to be very confident in retraining /evaluating our operators while being able to cover all the basics and ensure safe operation before they are authorized. Through the years, I have trained over 100 Forklift operators and over 200+ Aerial Lift operators. Most of them had prior experience and training through unions but I was able to close that gap and ensure total competency through our new hire process and equip evals. The training/eval materials from IVES are also a huge benefit and is easy to read and understand. I look forward in continuing my training through IVES. Wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you."

Scott, Safety Director, SilMan Construction.

"This is by far the hardest, yet most rewarding course I have ever taken. Very intense, informative training. We just implemented our own training program and this was the definite way to go. The instructor was fantastic, made the class enjoyable, made us want to learn. He gave us so many examples of how to teach this to our guys, how to make it interesting and how to handle the guy who "knows it all". Not only did I get a great training experience I also learned a lot as well. Would recommend this to any company looking to grow and expand and implement their own training. You cannot go wrong with the entire IVES experience."

Heather, Safety Director, Heineken Electric Co. Inc.

"I first started driving Power Equipment in 2009-2010 and the company I worked for used the IVES program and IVES Certified Trainers. It was AMAZING, in two weeks I had been licensed on two different pieces of equipment and felt confident in my technical knowledge and skills. By the end of that first year I was asked to become an IVES Certified Trainer and jumped at the opportunity.

I have now been driving and training operators for Over 6 years and have expanded my training skills to consult with other companies on setting up programs and ensuring they are doing right by their operators. I tell every class I teach that IVES is the best program and recommend it highly, having seen and helped replaced several other PE training programs that lacked the integrity and standards of the IVES program.

Thank you for your continued dedication to creating safe work environments, empowering people and businesses to get the job done right with the right knowledge backing them up."

Anne, Safety/Loss Prevention, Lowes.

"I had the pleasure of attending a train the trainer course through IVES for boomlift and scissor lift. I've attended several training programs on various equipment and machinery and never have I felt so comfortable using or operating new equipment as I did with IVES. I had very minimal experience with operating the lifts and when I jumped on them after sitting through the training material I felt as if I had operated them for years. The training material was so well laid out and easy to follow that it kept everyone in the class engaged and focused on learning. If I had to give a recommendation on a company to use for training IVES would be my first, second, and third choice."

Kelly, Safety Manager, Prism Electric.

"IVES has been a fantastic resource for myself and the many employees at Station Casinos. Their training is unparalleled and invaluable to maintain a safe work atmosphere and extending the knowledge of even the most experienced of workers. The training course is one of the best I have ever attended and it created a fun enthusiastic & safe environment to learn. I am no doubt a better employee & asset to my company thanks to the training I received from IVES."

Robert, Risk Coordinator, Station Casinos.

"IVES was one of the best Train the Trainer courses I've ever taken! Tons of good information that even I wasn't aware of when anyone was operating one of the core 4 pieces of equipment.

I have taken the excellent safety knowledge that IVES has provided me with and applied their information in many of my own training sessions to my employees in the classroom as well as the field.

It has been very rewarding as a fellow safety professional to know that I am making a difference in the aspects of safety to all my companies' employees that I share my knowledge with.

IVES has not only provided me with excellent training and knowledge, but accomplishing the ultimate goal as a safety professional of ensuring that all my employees return home as safe as they came to work."

John, Division Safety Director, Seretta Construction Texas, LLC.

"My role as training coordinator for the Cahill Group provides me the opportunity to work with numerous training companies across the country. IVES has always been my go to for powered mobile equipment training because the course material is by far the best in the industry.

I have always received warm, accurate and friendly service from IVES and that's a lot of reasons to keep using the #1 Training Group in the country!"

Jason, Training Coordinator, GJ Cahill & Company Ltd.

"I have been an IVES trainer for 8 years now working for 4 different company's as safety director having the opportunity for various different training providers, at my resources. at looking at the other programs I have always stayed with IVES as I think they are the premier provider of course material, service, professional conduct, always staying current with ever changing laws and regulations and with a open door policy for any questions one may have. Thanks IVES for a great 8 years."

Val, Program Director, Envision Mechanical.


"I attended an Aerial Lift Train the Trainer course in Texas in February. I have since taken that class back to Amazon and began instruction to 40 Technicians. I gained a ton of knowledge from the class pertaining to Aerial lifts. However the most noted gain I have saw in myself since the class is the degree of professionalism to which I operate in the classroom. [The trainer] was hands down the best instructor I have had the opportunity to learn from in my 20 years as a maintenance technician. He led the class with an incredible amount of knowledge, confidence, and energy. I have been in a trainer role for a little over a year and this class and [the trainer] has had a huge impact on my success!"

Cullen, Certified Trainer, Amazon.


"Will I would like to say thank you for such great training and knowledge that I was able to get from your class. I've been able to pass this on to my students which up to now it’s been over 150 since November of 2015. My students have praised the extra knowledge that they have received and all the forklift safety information that they didn’t know and how now they can be better and safer forklift operator. The instructor we had was great and very knowledgeable made the class fun and full of vast information. Again I would like to say thank you for your training."

Peter, Supervisor, Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds.


"I have been training with Ives for 5 years and I appreciate the in-depth training and support I get from the staff and trainers. My students always comment on how in-depth and how much time I spend with them during training, compared to other courses they have taken in the past. I accredit this with how well the initial training and subsequent refresher training I received from Ives has been. The training aids that you make available are excellent and are a resource I use in all my courses that I offer."

Bryan, Certified Trainer, Correctional Service Canada.

“This course took all my previous training and threw it out the window. Thank you for educating me even more.”

Joshua, Certified Trainer, MMKS Safety Solutions.

“I thought I knew more than I did, it was humbling and useful. I feel more confident training our operators.”

Kevin, Certified Trainer, PepsiCo North American Beverages.

"I just changed careers with over 2,700 hours of training courses. This course ranked in the top of all the courses that I have taken. I think the materials were great!"

Jeff, Safety Manager, Sundown Tubing Testing.

“I feel that IVES Training is far superior to any other training that I have received.”

Carlos, Certified Trainer, Sunpower Corp.

“This class was very thorough, detailed and full of lots of great information that I will be bringing back to my company. This class opened my eyes to how forklift training should be conducted. I will definitely be recommending this class.”

Lisa, Safety Specialist, Hawaiian Telecom.

“This was the best course I have attended. It was challenging and no pushover. I had to work for it!”

Thomas, Training Support Services, PAE.

“The materials, aids & approach were fantastic. I loved the training and the instructor’s style of teaching. It’s been a long time since I have gone through that intense of a course and been engaged.”

Kaci, EHS Manager, Anheuser-Busch.

“One of the best classes I’ve been to. Not only do I now have the credentials to train, I also have the confidence to train, which is not something I can say about all of my trainer certifications.”

David, Safety Director, ARCO.

“I have taken this program three times and it always gets better every time. Great job!”

Harold, Lead Hand, Product Distribution Center.

“I am extremely happy with the things I’ve learned and been presented with. The program was awesome.”

Robert, Certified Trainer, Trademark Metals Recycling.

 “Excellent program / exceptional trainer. Professional delivery of material.”

Tim, CSO, City of Saskatoon.

“Very good course, all my questions were answered. Instructor kept the class interesting. I look forward to more training from IVES.”

Larry, Certified Trainer, FortisBC.

“I have been to a few training programs, by far this training has been a great experience. I would highly recommend this program. We need more training of this level in professionalism. Great stuff!”

Jesse, Instructor, South Seattle Community College.

“Felt welcome to this program. Lots of enthusiasm from Instructors and students. Recommend this course to anyone interested in instructing!!!”

Brooks, Certified Trainer, Catalyst Paper Corp.

“I was impressed on the level of attention paid to effective training and presentation techniques. I expected trainer perspectives to be taught regarding equipment but was pleasantly surprised to learn and practice new presentation techniques.”

Jason, Outflow Manager, IKEA North America.

“This class has been fantastic! It has taken our company from having no training whatsoever, to having a knowledgeable and competent staff in using mobile equipment.”

James, Team Facilitator, Glanbia Foods.

“I believe I got a great deal of information out of this class. It will be very helpful in our attempt to get our employees the proper training they need.”

Michael, Instructor, SOC Nevada.

“I have been associated with IVES Training for 25 years and they are 1 of only 2 companies that I consistently recommend without hesitation.”

Bill, Health, Safety and Environmental Officer, General Paint.

“Your trainer was well prepared, able to give good examples and discuss relevant situations. I appreciate that this was geared to our environment and situation.”

Sandra, Store Director, Toys R Us.

“Excellent program. I would recommend it to any company looking to improve their forklift program.”

Rafael, Laborers Training and Retaining Trust Fund.

“This is the fourth Train the Trainer course I have taken IVES and they get better every time.”

Mike, Training Coordinator, De Beers Canada.

“This class far exceeded all of my expectations. I was anticipating a long, tiresome class but this training was anything but. Highly recommended.”

Ryan, Safety Specialist, County of Hawaii.

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