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Did You Catch That? - MEWP Combined


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Did You Catch That? This is the perfect video for Mobile Elevating Work Platform operator requalification and/or refresher training programs to add a dimension of interaction that will enhance the overall learning experience for operators and trainees. This video is designed for trainers to use to prime their operators and get them into the right mind frame during operator requalification classes. Viewers are challenged to spot as many errors as they can while watching an operator perform various tasks with a piece of powered mobile equipment. See if your trainees can pick out the safety infractions – it’s both educational and fun! 

Approximate length: 12 minutes.


Here’s a preview clip:

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What you need to know

Did You Catch That? is a series of videos that trainers can use to either refresh the minds of experienced operators on the do’s and don’ts of safe operation or to illuminate the same do’s and don’ts with beginner or untrained operators. By watching the scenarios closely for operational errors and being given the chance to discuss them, then finally watching the scenarios again and being informed as to what the infractions were, the trainer can add another dimension to their classes that requires interaction and enhances the overall learning experience.

It’s not a test, there are no wrong answers, it’s all about discussion and interaction. Some might even spot things that we didn’t and if you do, awesome! Make sure you bring it up in class and talk about it because the whole point is to get people talking and thinking safety – that’s when learning really happens. 

– Rob Vetter, Director of Training, IVES Training Group Inc.