Site and Equipment Specific Specific Specific

"Site and Equipment Specific Specific Specific" is an article regarding the OSHA requirements that forklift training must be site and equipment specific.

The fact that OSHA includes a list of truck related topics and workplace related topics within its forklift operator training standard means only one thing, it must be done. The requirement for “evaluation of the operator’s performance in the workplace.” within the standard makes it clear that general training and/or off-site evaluation is simply not good enough, and quite right.

In reality, most employers are completely absorbed in the day to day of their core business unaware of these requirements much less compliant with them. This leaves condition leaves the door wide open for less than scrupulous training providers to swoop in and take money in exchange for training that does not meet the minimum standard.

Let’s be clear; forklift operator training that does not address specific hazards found within the operator’s working environment is NOT acceptable. Training delivered on any type of equipment other than that which the operator is assigned to use is NOT acceptable. Any performance evaluation performed outside of the operator’s workplace is NOT acceptable. What these kinds of operator training are…is non-compliant and therefore UNACCEPTABLE.

So if your operators are being trained and evaluated while moving empty pallets around a parking lot on a sit down counterbalanced rider, and their actual job involves using an electric powered stand-up to move furniture around a warehouse, something is wrong.

OSHA stipulates site and equipment specifics within the criteria of their forklift operator training standard and that is exactly what is expected. Is that what you are doing?

Rob Vetter
Director of Training
IVES Training Group

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