April 2020 IVES Update eNewsletter

Check out our latest news: training suspension extended until at least June 1, keep training despite current challenges, online trainer programs now available and online operator programs available soon, a note of thanks on IVES 39th birthday!

NOTICE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the suspension of all IVES training programs delivered in-person is extended until at least June 1, 2020.

Keep Training!

    Reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected a huge cross section of business and industry and effectively shut most of it down. However, a number of businesses designated by governments as essential, must continue to operate in order to ensure the production and flow of products vital to the functioning of society carries on uninterrupted.

Many of these essential companies now find themselves in high pressure situations in that they must not only continue production through these stressful times but actually increase it, in some cases by unprecedented amounts.

In these pressurized workplaces, it is easy to overlook the importance and role of safety training but we must remember that it is exactly in times like these where it is most useful. Experienced operators suddenly subjected to significantly higher expectations must rely on their training more than ever while the need to train new or replacement operators being added to assist is even more important than in past times since they will likely step into high volume situations when assigned to operate.

There is no doubt the world has changed, from the way we live our lives to how, and even when, we work. But the role of safety training remains the same; to ensure workers/operators have the knowledge and ability to safely and efficiently perform the tasks they are assigned with the tools and equipment to be used. To back away from training in the face of this current challenge is to invite damage, injury and worse. None of which aid in production but all of which add to more stress in an already stressful situation.

Online Programs Now Available!

IVES is very pleased to announce the availability of the following training and update programs now accessible to IVES clients and trainers online at www.ivestraining.com

Trainer Recertification Program

If you are an IVES Certified Trainer and your credentials with us have expired, or will expire soon, we are pleased to offer a Certified Trainer Recertification Program delivered live and online! These programs are delivered in real time by an IVES Master Trainer and offer the convenience of online access while retaining the personal interactivity that is so vital to the learning process. Log on to the IVES website to check out our calendar of online program dates. Enroll in one today!

MEWP Certified Trainer Update Program

This program is designed to update the knowledge of existing IVES Certified Trainers with aerial boomlift and/or scissor lift (now referred to as mobile elevating work platforms or MEWPs) operator training credentials. Program attendees will receive information concerning the requirements around MEWP design, inspection, safe use, operator training and more, all in accordance with new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 MEWP industry standards . The program duration is about one hour and is followed by a quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, attendees may print a certificate to retain as documentation of program completion. This program does not extend the expiry date of trainer credentials and is available free of charge to existing IVES Certified Trainers with current, non-expired MEWP trainer credentials.

MEWP Operations Supervisor Training Program

One of the most significant developments within the new standards is the requirement for supervisors of MEWP operators to receive formal training in the topics listed below as per ANSI A92.24:

•    The proper selection of the correct MEWP for the work to be performed.
•    The rules, regulations and standards that apply to MEWPs, including the provisions for safe use, training and familiarization and for the work being performed.
•    Potential hazards associated with the use of MEWPs and the means to protect against identified hazards.
•    The proper location and storage of the MEWP manufacturer’s operation manuals.

At first glance, complying with the requirements above may seem simple but considering how deep one could drill down on any of them, particularly the first three, there’s a lot to know.

Attendees of this online program will receive all kinds of useful information intended to boost the knowledge and greatly enhance the ability of those charged with supervising MEWP operations to effectively plan, implement and monitor them.

The program duration is about two hours and is followed by a quiz. Successful completion of the quiz permits attendees to print a certificate as proof of program completion and access to a single viewing of each of our MEWP introduction videos.

MEWP Support Documents that will help in the development of safe use and rescue plans as well as the ongoing monitoring of safe MEWP operations are also made available from the Downloadable Materials & Updates section of the IVES website.

This program is available for companies that use the IVES Training System™. Program Fee: $70.00

Online Operator Programs Available Soon!

Right at a time that the need to continue equipment operator training is more crucial than ever, we are asked to distance ourselves from others in an effort to slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus currently sweeping the nation. As a result, the last thing you probably want to do right now is put a group of trainees together in close quarters either in a classroom, or in the field.

We will soon be able to help you deal with this challenge by offering live, online equipment operator training programs. These will be regularly scheduled programs in which you can register your forklift, MEWP or skid-steer loader operator trainees so they can be led through the classroom theory training and testing portions of an operator program by an IVES Master Trainer streaming live online.

Trainees accessing computers from different locations receive expert instruction while maintaining a safe distance from others. Afterwards, the IVES Certified Trainer located at your site or employed by your company can provide practical hands-training and evaluation in small, manageable groups or one on one while once again, maintaining safe physical distancing.

The fact that the programs are accessible online means you can limit your trainees’ proximity with others and the fact they are delivered live in real time ensures they remain truly interactive, as all training should be.

You still order Compliance Packages and plan things as you always have in the past, the only difference is we take the classroom training and theory testing off your hands and deliver you an operator trainee ready for hands-on training and evaluation.
Keep an eye out for an update announcement for the arrival of online equipment operator theory training very soon!

A Note of Thanks

    Today, IVES is 39 years old and on this, the first day of our 40th year of existence, we pay tribute to you, our wonderful clients who made it possible. It is unfortunate that the occasion of our 39th anniversary is somewhat stained by the health crisis we are all embroiled in at the moment, but thanks to your nearly four decades of support we are strong enough to weather this storm and emerge from it humbled, but better for the experience.

Like most other companies that must remain open for business through these difficult times, one of the most challenging issues we struggle to work through is our inability to provide for and service you, our clients, to the degree that you are accustomed to.

Since we and, it would seem, the world, have been forced to suspend many if not all of our business activities, we have had to adjust certain elements within our processes that affect everything from the services we are able to provide to staffing levels to the very look and feel of this Update.

Six weeks ago, the content of this note would have taken a more apologetic tone asking forgiveness for any shortcomings you may have experienced with us. However, in moving forward to the present, this note is now a heart-felt and enthusiastic THANK YOU for your continued support and understanding as we all grind our way through this new reality.

They say the only thing that is constant is change, but what will never change is our dedication to you as our clients and our sincere gratitude for your support and understanding when we need it most.

We hope you are able to make use of the online training options we have and will continue to develop, and look forward to continuing on with you, healthy and strong on the other side of this current situation.

Stay well!
The IVES Team

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