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About Us

Want to know more about us? We have built our highly regarded reputation not only on the quality and accuracy in which our programs and materials are produced and delivered but on our continued support afterwards. In fact, we like to make it clear to our clients that when they choose one of our mobile equipment Train the Trainer or operator programs, the end of that training marks the beginning of our relationship. That's because every IVES Certified Trainer has access to all of the elements that make up the IVES Training System™ which include Integrity, Value, Expertise and Support.

Industrial mobile equipment training is our core business, not a secondary value added service. That means we are completely connected to the training world and exclusively focused on the continuous improvement of our programs, materials and services. We stay on top of all facets of the industry from developments in equipment to instructional techniques to government regulations and industry standards. If there is something new coming down the pike that affects any aspect of the mobile equipment training world, we keep ahead of it so you don’t have to.
The cost to attend an IVES training program buys you more than a seat in the program. Much more! Once certified, trainers have access to a multi-faceted resource network that includes free administrative and technical support via Internet, email and telephone as well as an exclusive discount pricing structure on operator training materials. However the true values of the IVES Training System™ are most realized when your company enjoys the satisfaction of knowing that although employee safety is its own reward, the added financial benefits resulting from reduced downtime, injury rates and equipment-related damages are other assets that can be acquired through a well delivered and maintained mobile equipment safety training program like the IVES program.

We could not have made it to where we are today without knowing a thing or two about the equipment we address and the methods involved in training operators to utilize it correctly. Our expert staff regularly contributes technical articles to national industry publications, conducts safety audits and evaluations of international companies, consults with and advises regional regulatory agencies, liaises with accredited safety organizations and delivers educational seminars to industry safety professionals at symposiums and conferences throughout North America.

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When the training program ends the real work of implementing and maintaining a safe and effective mobile equipment operator training program at your work site begins. That is when IVES Certified Trainers can begin taking advantage of the many value added benefits of the IVES Training System, including:

  • Toll-free personal telephone support during regular business hours at 1-800-643-1144.
  • Technical support via Ask Bob.
  • General support via email through our online Contact Us form.
  • Our extensive online Resource Center which gives access to our IVES Update Newsletters, Articles of Interest, Regulations & Standards, Frequently Asked Questions, Ask Bob, and our TrainTrak Operator Recertification Reminder System.
  • Discount member pricing on operator training materials and training aids for all IVES Certified Trainers.
Remember that once you are certified as a Trainer, IVES remains close at hand as a dedicated and exclusive resource for all of your mobile equipment operator training needs. Toll-free personal telephone support during regular business hours at 1-800-643-1144. Technical support via Ask Bob.