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Here are some testimonials from our valued clients. We help companies big and small with their mobile equipment operator training all across North America. Since the company's inception in 1981, tens of thousands of trainers and hundreds of thousands of operators across North America have been trained using The IVES System™.

Our client list includes organizations from all types of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, construction, retail, etc. Some of our valued clients include IKEA North America, United Rentals Inc, PepsiCo North American Beverages, PSAV Presentation Services, The Wonderful Company, US Department of Defense, E. & J. Gallo Wineries, University of Nevada, Correctional Services Canada, Kimberly Clark, Lockheed Martin, Searles Valley Minerals, Associated Supply Co, NAPA Genuine Parts, ThyssenKrupp, Thrifty Foods, Weyerhaeuser, US Marine Corps, Smuckers Fruit Processing, Alberta Newsprint Company, EV Logistics and many others!

"Your training through the years for me (since '08) has been outstanding! All trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and provided tons of incite for just about every application in the industry."

Scott, Safety Director, SilMan Construction.

"Your training through the years for me (since '08) has been outstanding! All trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and provided tons of incite for just about every application in the industry. During the trainer sessions, I had some difficult questions and scenarios that were unique due to hiring temporary labor union tradesmen on all of our job-sites. Your trainer training allowed me to be very confident in retraining /evaluating our operators while being able to cover all the basics and ensure safe operation before they are authorized. Through the years, I have trained over 100 Forklift operators and over 200+ Aerial Lift operators. Most of them had prior experience and training through unions but I was able to close that gap and ensure total competency through our new hire process and equip evals. The training/eval materials from IVES are also a huge benefit and is easy to read and understand. I look forward in continuing my training through IVES. Wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you."

- Scott, Safety Director, SilMan Construction.

This class far exceeded all of my expectations. I was anticipating a long, tiresome class but this training was anything but. Highly recommended.

Ryan, Safety Specialist, County of Hawaii.

This is the fourth Train the Trainer course I have taken IVES and they get better every time.

Mike, Training Coordinator, De Beers Canada.

Excellent program. I would recommend it to any company looking to improve their forklift program.

Rafael, Laborers Training and Retaining Trust Fund.

Your trainer was well prepared, able to give good examples and discuss relevant situations. I appreciate that this was geared to our environment and situation.

Sandra, Store Director, Toys R Us.

I have been associated with IVES Training for 25 years and they are 1 of only 2 companies that I consistently recommend without hesitation.

Bill, Health, Safety and Environmental Officer, General Paint.

I believe I got a great deal of information out of this class. It will be very helpful in our attempt to get our employees the proper training they need.

Michael, Instructor, SOC Nevada.

This class has been fantastic! It has taken our company from having no training whatsoever, to having a knowledgeable and competent staff in using mobile equipment.

James, Team Facilitator, Glanbia Foods.

I was impressed on the level of attention paid to effective training and presentation techniques. I expected trainer perspectives to be taught regarding equipment but was pleasantly surprised to learn

Jason, Outflow Manager, IKEA North America.

Felt welcome to this program. Lots of enthusiasm from Instructors and students. Recommend this course to anyone interested in instructing!!!

Brooks, Certified Trainer, Catalyst Paper Corp.