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Our TrainTrak™ Operator Requalification Reminder System is one of the most valuable services available to IVES Certified Trainers. This service will assist you in complying with applicable regulations by keeping you up-to-date on who needs requalification and when. This free service is available for forklifts, aerial lifts, loader and excavators.

In the US, according to OSHA regulations, you are required to re-evaluate your powered industrial equipment operators at a minimum of once every three years (36 months). In Canada, provincial regulations may require that you re-evaluate your forklift operators anywhere from every 18 to 24 months in BC and 36 months for the rest of Canada.

When you login to the Member Dashboard you will see TrainTrak™ listed on the left-hand side menu. Simply add the information of the operator training you've completed. You will be able to generate a report showing a record who you certified and when they are due for requalification.

Reminder emails are sent 30 and 90 days prior to the operator needing requalification and will be sent to the operator, trainer and manager. IVES recommends retraining/requalification on all types of mobile equipment and our TrainTrak™ system will allow you to input your operator training records for the applicable mobile equipment types.

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