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How to Become an IVES Member

IVES Membership is automatic when you are an IVES Certified Trainer in good standing. Your benefits are immediately available upon successful completion of one of our Train-the-Trainer Programs, and not only for you, but also to the company for which you work.

IVES Membership Benefits

Membership with IVES includes the invaluable addition of an IVES Certified Trainer to your company who can competently deliver, document and administer the site and equipment-specific initial, refresher and upgrade training and evaluation required for your forklift, mobile elevating work platform and loader operators on an ongoing basis.

When your company qualifies someone as an IVES Certified Trainer through one of our programs it can immediately start reaping the many benefits that come as a result of safe powered industrial equipment operation. Benefits that include: the enhanced safety, health and morale of all personnel who work with or around the equipment, the peace of mind that accompanies compliance with federal, state and / or provincial occupational safety and health regulations and lowered business operating costs due to the reduction and / or elimination of numerous revenue-consuming factors associated with equipment related incidents like production down time, material and equipment damage, regulatory citations, worker’s compensation insurance premium increases and possible legal litigation.

Membership benefits also includes many valuable resources for your company to build an effective, comprehensive and customized in-house equipment operator training program. This includes exclusive products at discount pricing, access to free, downloadable support materials and documents, ongoing technical and administrative support from our knowledgeable trainers and staff, plus more!

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose IVES

In the 40+ years IVES has conducted business, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted and respected companies in the powered industrial equipment training industry. Our dedication to the integrity of our programs and materials, along with unparalleled customer support has earned IVES a remarkable client list that ranges from humble start-ups to gigantic, multi-nation corporations that are involved in all walks of business and industry.

When you choose IVES to deliver your training program, we send seasoned professionals who are true professionals committed to providing outstanding, meaningful training. We field extremely capable Master Trainers recruited from within industry who are able to blend the significant, real-world operational and training experience they possess with their passion for safety and well-practiced presentational performance skills to inject their own unique and entertaining style into every program they deliver.

We carry professional liability insurance to protect you from any potential costs or damages resulting from incidents attributable to actions committed by our trainer while on your site. This is a significant professional necessity that many less reputable training providers do not provide.

We develop and produce our own trainer and operator training manuals as well as all written support materials. In doing so for more than 40 years, we are sought after experts in our field and often called upon to consult with and advise government regulatory agencies, provide expert testimony in legal litigations, submit topical articles and presentations to industry related publications and to make presentations and speak at many industry-related exhibitions and conferences.

The support network integral to the IVES Training System™ includes FREE and easily accessible general and technical support, use of our Train Trak Operator Training Reminder System, downloadable materials and updates, as well as exclusive discount pricing on our industry leading operator training materials.

From introduction to final documentation, we will ensure that your in-house powered industrial equipment operator safety training is compliant, accurate, effective and all that it can be. Contact IVES today and discover the level of Integrity – Value – Expertise – Support we can bring to your company.