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Introduction To The Ives Training System

If you haven’t yet received an introduction to the IVES Training System™, you are missing out on the best operator training system available! IVES is built around the simple philosophy that “any job worth doing, is worth doing right.” The IVES Training System™ helps you perform all the required steps in order to make your training “right”.

We start with training your trainers – not only in how to train operators but also in proper documentation. We supply you with comprehensive training and re-training materials as well as industry-specific training aids; we provide on-going technical and administrative support and remind you when your operators need to be retrained. The IVES Training System™ will help you to ensure that your company’s mobile equipment operator training meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards and government regulations in certifying/qualifying your operators of forklifts, mobile elevating work platforms, loaders and excavators.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual components within The IVES Training System™ that give IVES Certified Trainers the knowledge, skills, tools and support they need to deliver effective operator training.

The Knowledge

Training is the key component necessary to develop knowledge. Training will furnish the trainer with the three most important aspects of equipment operation that they must convey to operators:

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • Why it must be done
  • The IVES Training System™ delves deeply into the theory and workings of each piece of equipment and teaches trainers the instructional techniques involved in how to best communicate these concepts in both a classroom and field environment.

    The Skills

    The IVES Training System™ places a great deal of importance on practical hands-on training. In fact, we believe it is the primary factor that defines us as the premiere training provider in the industry. Our system provides the opportunity for trainers to practice, develop and demonstrate techniques and concepts learned in the classroom. Our programs provide hands-on experience and evaluation on topics such as:

  • Overall knowledge of equipment theory.
  • Instructional techniques.
  • Classroom and field communication skills.
  • Ability to effectively train and evaluate operator trainees.
  • Capability to consistently exhibit professional behavior.
  • Desirable traits of an effective trainer.
  • We also provide Trainer Upgrade programs to add additional equipment types to a trainer’s current certification credentials. Another unique offering, our Trainer Recertification program, is a refresher program and general open forum for IVES Certified Trainers who want updated information and a platform to address solutions to any challenges they may face.

    The Tools

    Every trainer needs reliable, accurate and detailed reference material to help them convey the many concepts and procedures involved in safe industrial mobile equipment operation. The IVES Training System™ provides just such tools in the form of:

    The centerpiece of the trainer’s resources containing detailed information on all aspects of industrial mobile equipment operator training. Each Trainer’s Manual contains detailed graphics and text information designed to assist IVES Certified Trainers in the delivery of their powered mobile equipment operator training programs. Our Trainer’s Manual is exclusively available to IVES Certified Trainers – each trainee will receive one when they attend a Train the Trainer Certification Program. This manual consists of basic introductory material in addition to detailed information on operator training requirements, instructional techniques, lesson planning, theory and practical training, evaluation forms and procedures, documentation and certification requirements along with equipment-specific information.

    This 3-ring binder full of essential information including basic introductory material in addition to detailed information on operator training requirements, instructional techniques, lesson planning, theory and practical training, evaluation forms and procedures, documentation and certification requirements along with equipment-specific inserts which are available for a variety of equipment.

    Basic Mobile Equipment Operator Training Requirements – Understand the applicable government regulations as well as relative industry standards as they relate to powered mobile equipment operations.

    Instructional Techniques – Gain excellent information on communications skills, managing your image, effective time management and much more.

    Lesson Planning – Develop a comprehensive lesson plan – this is a key element in creating an effective operator training program.

    Theory Training – Enhance the trainee’s understanding, not memory, of theory material by teaching them what to do, how to do it and why it must be done.

    Practical Training – Identify performance issues quickly and offer sound, corrective action until operators are able to demonstrate safe, competent operation.

    Evaluation Skills – Conducting tests in the classroom and field then evaluating the results is crucial in determining if additional training is required.

    Documentation and Certification – Leaving a clear and concise paper trail documenting the training and evaluation of an operator is vital.

    Equipment-Specific Information – Answer keys, driving course set-up recommendations and specific technical information relating to the equipment.

    Logs – Record the operator’s name, certification number, certification date, equipment addressed and all related data as per regulations.

    This product is exclusively supplied as part of attendance in an IVES Train the Trainer Certification Program. Previously qualified IVES Certified Trainers may purchase as a replacement. Call 1-800-643-1144 for more details.

    Operator Compliance Packages are the main hub in the system in which everything else revolves. Each package contains essential materials for both the trainer and the operator including an operator reference manual, theory test, evaluation form, certificate of completion, record sheet and operator wallet card. Operator Recertification Materials have been developed to assist both the trainer and the operator in making the recertification process as smooth as possible. Parlez-vous français? ¿Hablas español? Select training materials and training aids are also available in French and Spanish language. View our Operator Training Materials!

    Provide your operator trainees with a visual reference to give them a mental, three dimensional image to hold on to thus enhancing the learning experience. Check out our die cast models, stability model, digital training aids, safety training videos, carrying cases and more. IVES Certified Trainers also get a $100 discount off a Trainer Power Pack for 30 days following completion of an IVES Trainer Certification Program! View our Operator Training Materials!


    Everybody needs support, including qualified trainers. Whether it is the answer to a technical or administrative issue, questions on documentation or a motivational pep talk, we provide trainers with a comprehensive support network to tend to their every training need. Our support network includes:

    Toll-Free Assistance

    For quick answers to your questions or to place an order for materials, call 1-800-643-1144, 8:00AM-4:30PM (PST) Monday-Friday. Use our Contact Us form.

    Ask Bob

    Our Ask Bob service is a free technical support system available to all IVES Certified Trainers. If you have questions related to your operator training procedures, including questions about regulations, use the Ask Bob service. One of our experienced and knowledgeable in-house trainers will respond back to you in a timely manner with the helpful information you need. Submit your question here!


    Our website is full of information – not only will you find all our program and product information but you’ll also find previous issues of the IVES Update Newsletter, Frequent Asked Questions, downloadable Pre-use Inspection Forms, links to regulatory authorities, general items of interest and what trade shows or events you can find us at.

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