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Our Resource Center is full of information to help answer your questions about your training and our offerings. The list of benefits IVES Certified Trainers receive does not stop with our state-of-the-art training programs. Companies with IVES Certified Trainers on staff have ongoing support and access to our extensive resources to keep them up to date on current items of interest and industry events.

Check out our Member Dashboard, IVES Update Newsletter, Frequently Asked Questions, Regulations and Standards, Pre-use Inspection Checklists, Ask Bob, TrainTrak Operator Requalification Reminder System and our Promotions pages to learn more.

Member Dashboard
Login to our Member Dashboard for trainer support documents, including material revision updates, answer keys, pre-use inspection checklists, lesson plans, regulations and more.
IVES Update Newsletter
Our monthly e-newsletter is full of industry training tips, stories from the field, editorials, and the interactive “Ask Bob” column.
Articles of Interest
Keep up-to-date on the latest information in the mobile equipment industry.
Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly questions about forklifts and training.
Regulations and Standards
A comprehensive directory of US and Canadian Regulations and Standards.
Pre-use Inspection Checklists
Download our pre-use inspection checklists for free!
Shipping, Return & Refund Policy
Terms and conditions that constitute our Shipping, Return & Refund Policy.
Ask Bob
Our Ask Bob service is a free technical support system available to all IVES Certified Trainers.
Our TrainTrak™ Operator Re-qualification Reminder System is one of the most valuable services available to IVES Certified Trainers.